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Is Arutas Beach

Facing the incredible spectacle of Is Arutas beach, every word is pointless ...because this incredible beach of grains of quartz takes away your breath.
The magic of Sardinian Sea fulfills in this case one of its masterpieces, certainly enough to make this beach one of...

Piscinas Dunes

The scene that opens before your eyes is truly amazing ... the highest sand dunes around the Mediterranean ... 20-30 meters with piles of sand of a very pale yellow, partly covered by vegetation in the Mediterranean visible part ...

A landscape shaped by winds on the western side of...

Baja Sardinia Beach

Interesting beach right in the heart of the Emerald Coast. In high season is very busy even though the water is usually always very clear and deep blue.

Cala Mariolu

 Cala Moriolu in the Sardinian dialect known also as Ispuligi de nie, is located in the Gulf of Orosei in the eastern part of Sardinia, and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Sardinia but also of the world. 
In 2014 it came to be part of, in...

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