Tourism in Italy is a young company operating in the current Italian tourism panorama, and aims as an organization that is interested and coordinates the various tourist activities spread over the whole Italian territory, like a center of services development and tourism solutions, which have as target companies, associations and institutions operating in the tourism, to improve the Italian tourism efficiency and competitiveness in general.

Companies can furthermore contact us and use our tools to get a greater visibility in the market, and even for more support with technology like online reservations and management modules.

The customer may also have with us a great understanding of what the Italian territory, with its cities, countryside, coastline, mountains really appears and it is, being able to have, thanks to our services, a quick and easy general overview.
 He may also come to know not only the destinations and points of interest of our traditionally best-known tourism but also those regions and those hidden and less known parts that are also very interesting and whose our country is very rich.
 Moreover he may benefit from our services for ease in bookings and in order to organize and better manage his vacation.

Monteverdi Marittimo

countryside near the coast

Monteverdi Maritime is a very small village of...


the Carnival and the Riviera


History and Elegance

Lerici is a town of medium size, situated on the...

Zinzulusa cave

Fascinating and spectacular

The Grottacce

Natural caves unique in the word

Cala Violina

Enchanting Maremma

Surely one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in...

Moena Puzzone Cheese

Strong Taste Cheese

Among the mountains of northern Italy cheese...

The mozzarella

Fresh and Popular cheese

Mozzarella cheese is one of the most famous...

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