Vamos a viajar este verano ,querríamos mapas, sitios interés, información en genera.  pending...
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What is on in Verona July 2015. What are the dates for the Shakespear Festival?  
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Could u advise on what local tour should i contact in Florence?   
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Art, history and sweet life

The charms of Taormina enshrouds its mysterious origins,  there are different thesis, in fact, on his foundation. The most shared is supported by Diodonso Siculo in the of 16 ° book of his Bibliotheca historica. According to this version, there was, in the 358 BC, the massacre of Naxos  happened at the hand  to tyrant of Syracuse Dionysius,  after this fact, Andromaco convinced the survivors to stay on that hill in the shape of a bull; this occupation gave life to Tauromenion. During the Roman Empire, Taormina, was theatre of war due to the slaves that rebelled  against the  empire (134-132 b.C.). Sarapione, a rebel slave, betrayed his comrades and, in this way, the territory was conquered by the Emperor Pompilio with his army. The strategic location of Taormina made it an important territory of the Roman Empire of the East but its position on the sea made it  a victim of the  Saracens violence. The last siege by the side to the Saracens lasted two years and ended tragically in 906 a.D. .Afterwards Taormina was conquered by  the Swabians  and  by the Frenchs but, thanks to the Bourbons, in the person of Ferdinand I, this land became easily accessible from Catania and Messina through the building a coastal road. Taormina  interested the nobles and rich persons coming from all the world like Florence Trevelyan. This lady  gave life to the public garden of the city through the memories of his travels in East. Taormina became, since the second half of the nineteenth century, a popular destination for artists of any sort and eccentric nobles; it became famous for its sweet life.  Massimo Simili wrote I pazzi a Taormina, he told this period and this style of life. .  Taormina offers many artistic work of art: the Cathedral (XII century AD), the Anglican Church St. George (1922), The Palace Corvaja (tenth century AD), the small theater, or Odeon, built under Cesare Augusto Ottaviano. Finally there is the greek-roman theater, this theatre was built in the third century BC, even today,  it hosts important theatrical representations.

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