Montelupo Ceramics

The tradition of ceramics in Montelupo from the second half of the thirteenth century, when it began producing the first "archaic majolica."

The accordion of Castelfidardo

The Marche and  the Abruzzo have hosted for a long time the best manufacturers of du’ botte but, from the end of XIX century, Castelfidardo became an important center for the creation of the accordion. This led  a growth of the offer of work for many families which lived in the area...

La grolla valdostana

While I looked around information about the coffee of Val d'Aosta,  the fact that is highlighted is the differentiation between the cup of the friendship and  the grolla, which are often confused. The first is a wooden container with a lid and some lips, the second is a wine glass...

The Naepolitan mandolino

The origin of  this instrument is  the Arabic lute but, with the passing of the years, it has acquired personal peculiarities. The classical mandolin is an instrument belonging to the Neapolitan musical culture becoming an typical instrument of the city of Naples. The body of this...

The sicilian carts

The sicilian cart was born in the 18th century and was used until the second half of the 20th century, because afterwards the people used motorized means of transport. Since 1830, the Bourbon government built the regie tazzere, these was paths with  curves, landslides and steep climbs, which...

Statues of San Gregorio armeno

The characters of the crèche of the craftsmen of via San Gregorio Armeno in Naples attract thousands of tourists. The statues that are made every year are mirror of current events because they represent the protagonists of the facts that have captured the attention of the media. This year...

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