Coming from the north, the first observation that we meet on the Adriatic coast and 'The Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo on the border between the Marche and Romagna. The area has two distinct areas:

the cliff to the sea and the inner side.

A beautiful scenic road winds through steep cliffs and beautiful landscapes along the cliffs of Monte San Bartolo, who plunges into the water for a distance of 10 km, forming small bays and coves accessible by boat or by hiking the outline.

Suggestive along the scenic road are perfectly preserved villages of Focara and Castel di Mezzo addition to the superb Imperial Villa of the Renaissance and the seventeenth-century Villa Caprile.

At the base of the hill runs a narrow beach of gravel and pebbles.

Of particular interest is the presence of fossils accessible exposition of the museum 'Park Authority.

The Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo has natural features of great interest in fact marks the beginning of the hilly area of the coast of central Italy, immediately following the well-known tourist beaches of the northern Adriatic. The maximum dimensions of the hills of San Bartolo mt.200 reach and extend over a wild and untouched.


This "jewel", yet little known, with its unspoilt nature, its beautiful villages restored and wonderful views that range to the sea, the delicious restaurants that know how to win every palate, the landscapes of the countryside, surrounded by trails accessible green ...... and 'certainly an ideal destination for those wishing to spend a relaxing holiday in "Riviera".


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