villa close to the sea near syracuse sicily
Modern house, simple-looking, located about 500 meters from the sea, in Siracusa near Syracuse.
on the slopes of Etna
cozy villa in santa maria del Focallo near Ispica

Fishing in Sicily

A unique travel experience, and close to the Mediterranean Sea traditions.Go to sea for a...



 With an area of 1614 square kilometers and a population of nearly 300,000 inhabitants, the province of Ragusa in Sicily and less extensive. It occupies the south-east of Sicily island and is largely directed towards the channel of Malta.
Its territory has a hilly aspect: the range profile and very sweet and always with heights below 1000 feet (986 meters with the Iblei of Mount Laurel is the highest peak), the fertile plains slope gently toward low coasts, sandy and smooth, consisting of alluvial soil.
There are many stone walls that articulated in the field of web love, bordering fields and pastures. The flora, with some differences related to the altimeter, and type of predominantly Mediterranean oaks, plane trees, olive and carob trees are joined by oleanders, figs, acanthus and reeds.
The boards Ibleo, usually bare, bought in the spring to the colorful scenery of wild beauty and severe. Very characteristic are the so-called “cave” or “canyon”, deep ravines and small streams have incised into the limestone plateau and mainly in the format.
Sicily is the island in the sun: it is a land of 3,000 years of history and art, stories and mythology, human warmth, contrasting colors and beautiful nature. A country where the black lava of the land merges with the whiteness of salt. A place where history and combine the water, culture, fun and entertainment, relaxation and good food. You can visit the magnificent Roman and Greek ruins of Agrigento and Taormina, the magical atmosphere of Acitrezza, Erice, Selinunte or the beauty of Syracuse or the royal palace of the kings Normamni in Palermo, the charming characteristic of salt marshes and marinas with boats fishing. You can follow the numerous food and wine tours to fully enjoy the flavors of this earth. You will find a blue sea, clear and intense surrounded by an untouched nature.



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