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Today in our country there are 22 national parks set up and waiting for 2 implementing measures. Covering a total of over a million and a half hectares, equal to 5% of the national territory.
The National Park of the Cinque Terre has, with respect to the varied landscape of the other parks, some atypical elements that make it unique.

The Cinque Terre in fact, with its 4,226 hectares, is the smallest national park in the country and at the same time the most densely populated, with about 5,000 residents in five villages: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare.

What makes this area than the other, however, is the fact that here the natural environment has been significantly modified by human action.

For centuries, from the year one thousand, the inhabitants of the Cinque Terre have dissected the steep slopes of the hills that are thrown to the sea in order to obtain strips of arable land, each of these narrow flat portions, said Cian, are supported by walls dry, the true identity of the Cinque Terre stretch that has made them famous all over the world.
Human intervention has therefore led to the creation of terraces architecture of an area developed in height, making the landscape and atypical heavily man here because it is the Park of Man.

The National Park is at the center of his action in defense of this peculiarity which, due to the physiological abandonment of agricultural activity on the part of any industrial society, has led to degradation landscape. If in fact the other parks are born with the aim to protect the natural environment subtracting daily human action, here is the ultimate reason of the organization is to bring the person working on the landscape by cultivating and taking care of it , tracing and rediscovering the ancient gestures of those before us, has an area of ​​Cinque Terre listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.


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