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Emilia Romagna L' Emilia-Romagna occupies a land link between the North and
Center of Italy. Looks like a big triangle bounded on three sides by natural features distinct: the Po, the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea. The double name, Emilia-Romagna, has historical reasons: Emilia comes from the ancient Roman road that cuts across the region, and indicates the enlarged area to the west of Bologna, Romagna, or land of the Romans, however, stipulates the area to the east, and was so named because they resisted the invasion of the Lombards in the early Middle Ages. Present boundaries of the region are marked by Lombardy and Veneto to the north, west of Piedmont and Liguria, south of Tuscany and Marche to the east Adriatic.
The reliefs belong to Appennino Tosco-Emiliano. Mountains are round in shape rather spoils. Three major peaks: Monte Cimone, which with its 2,165 m is the highest peak of the northern Apennines, Mount Falterona (1,654 m), from which descends the Arno; Fumaiolo Mount (1,407 m), at which are the sources of the Tiber. Numerous passes connects the two sides of the Apennines, the Po-Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian. The most important are: the Cisa to get off at La Spezia, Lucca to Abetone, dropping to the Porretta for Pistoia, La Futa - Raticosa to Florence, Arezzo Mandrioli, the Citerna where the motorway passes the Apennine . The mountains slope down to the plains through a fringe of clay hills of typical appearance. The shift of masses of land actually produces deep ruts and gullies close call, other natural formations are typical sauces, small cones of mud filled with salt water.
The great alluvial plain is, that is formed by the debris of the Po and the rivers that descend from the Apennine. The part was machined from Emilia and inhabited by more than 2,000 years, still bears the traces of the division of lands in Roman times (centuriation). The campaign Romagna has always needed to reorganize and make it cultivable land reclamation that the expanses of marshes and swamps, the first works date back even to the Etruscans, and were continued in time until the massive rehabilitation of 100 years ago.
The region is rich in rivers. The Po runs along the northern border for a stretch of about 265 km. Are tributaries to right some of the waterways that comes down from, such as Trebbiano, Nure, Taro, Serchio, the Panaro. Other Apennine rivers to torrential character, like the Lamone and Savio, are thrown directly into the Adriatic. Another important river is the Rhine, who was born in Tuscany and across the region for about 211 km, flows into the sea after having lined the course of the Po
The Adriatic coast is low, sandy and straight. The stretch of coast between the mouth of the Rhine and the Po Delta is an amphibious environment consists of stretches of shallow water and used as fishing grounds: the Comacchio Valleys, ideal for the development of some fish, especially eels and mullet.
The climate is predominantly continental, with hot and humid summers and cold winters, accompanied by fog and frost in the lowlands. The Adriatic, shallow, limits its mitigating effect to the ribs.

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