Marche The Region of Marche is situated between the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea. Bordering Emilia-Romagna, Republic of San Marino, Umbria, Lazio (only for a short stretch), Abruzzo. The name, trademark, reminds us that in the Middle Ages this area was divided into different brands (territories, fiefdoms): The March of Ancona, Ascoli's brand, the brand of Camerino, and more.
The whole territory is occupied by mountains and hills, as in neighboring Umbria. Marche Apennine parallel reduction to the sea (like the "teeth" of a comb) eighteen valleys, crossed by short rivers, separated by mountains that slope gradually into the hills. The highest peak is Mount Vettore (2,476 m), on the border with Umbria, in the Monti Sibillini. Several of the Apennine passes, including the internationally Bocca Trabaria and Bocca Serriola. The mountainous landscape, above the 1,200 m, is arid and barren. Instead, the hills are green and very cultivated.
The rivers are many, but all short, given the proximity of the Apennines to the sea. The main ones are, from north: the leaf, the Metauro (110 km, the longest), the Esino the Chienti, the Tronto (that last stretch marks the border with Abruzzo). Arrangements have irregular or almost dry in summer, rich in water in other seasons.
The hills come almost to the coast, which is low, sandy, straight, with one exception: the Monte Conero, a rocky promontory that juts out into the sea like an elbow, and results in the only natural harbor on the coast Marche.
A feature common to the entire territory is the high degree of seismic activity: the Marche is a region that is, they occur quite frequently earthquakes. There was one, for example, in 1972, in Ancona.
The climate is mild on the coast, continental in the land, with harsh winters and heavy spring rains.

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