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Abruzzo Among the regions of central-southern Italy, Abruzzi is the most mountainous, and is also one in which there are the highest Apennine Mountains. The territory can be divided into three zones: a thin strip of coastal plain, sandy and uniform behind this, a band of clay hills arranged 'comb', etched by rivers and streams, the Apennine mountains. 
The Arbuzzo Apennine has a particularity: it is formed by a series of chains parallel to the coast. The chains the higher the closer to the sea: the Gran Sasso (the highest peak around the Apennines, the Corno Grande, 2912 m), Majella (Monte Amaro, 2795 m). Between a chain and the other stretching wide basin, as the Conca Aquila, or the Fucino, once occupied by a lake marshland, drained in the last century. There are also several plateaus, called fields (such as Campo Imperatore in the Gran Sasso) or plans (such as the Plan's Five, south of the Maiella). Fields and floors are made of limestone, which does not hold water. Thus rainwater, once absorbed, after a long journey through the rocky outcrops again lower, resulting in numerous springs, which feed hydroelectric plants and aqueducts.
Abruzzi rivers led a modest but fairly regular scheme (thanks to the sources of which we have just discussed). The main ones are the Aterno (which in the final stretch of its course is called Pescara), Sangro and Vomano, which all flow into the Adriatic.
In the valley of the Sangro stretches for about 500 sq km National Park of Abruzzo, rich woods (the woods than in the general region have been gradually destroyed by the shepherds to make room for grazing). There are still plants and animals (bears, chamois, deer, wolves ...) that were once present throughout the Apennines.
The climate is warm and dry on the coast, continental inland, with cold winters and hot summers.


Gran Sasso d'Italia

The giant of Abruzzo


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