luxury villa on calozzo lake front
comfortable apartment near sirmione on garda lake
Charming Villa with Lake View
luxury villa with lake view near Gaino and Toscolano Maderno

The railway among snow mountains...

Many people call the most beautiful train in the world. This maybe because the tracks of this...


Lombardy The Lombardy occupies a vast territory extending from the arch of the Alps to the Po Valley. Can distinguish, from north to south, three different groups: an area of mountains, foothills of the Alps with a valleys, lakes and hills, wide plains. The southwestern part of the region (Oltrepò Pavese) also covers a short stretch of the Apennines.
In the mountainous north mark the border with Switzerland and include three chains: the Alps and Lepontine Rhaetian Alps, northern and high, with peaks as the Piz Bernina (4,049 m) and Ortler Alps (3,905 m); the Bergamo Alps, southern and low altitude, so that they are considered as pre-Alps. In this group there are many mountain valleys: the Valtellina, the Valleys Brembana Seriava, Camonica Trompia. Among the major crossing points: the Splügenpass, Bernina, Stelvio.
An area of hills dividing the foothills of the vast plain, which stands in the high plains, arid and infertile, and low plains, rich in water and intensively cultivated.
The water network is formed by rivers, lakes, canals. The Po collects the waters of the main rivers of Lombardy, its tributaries on the left: the Ticino, Adda, Oglio, the Mincio. They descend from the Alps, before arriving in the plain, they become emissaries of the tributaries and lakes in the Alpine Foreland, the largest in Italy: Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, Lake Iseo, Lake Garda. Lombard only fully Lake Como and Lake Iseo, Lake Maggiore is also extended in Piedmont and Switzerland, and Swiss side is another lake, the Lugano, Lake Garda borders with the Veneto and instead Trentino Alto Adige. In plain irrigation is carried out by numerous canals ditches, taking water from springs (springs and springs).
The three regional groups divided in Lombardy determine the climate. In the mountains the climate is typically alpine, with cold and snow in winter and cool summers. Around the lakes the climate is moderate and becomes a Mediterranean climate. Instead, flat overlooking the continental climate: cold winters, warm summers, moderate rainfall.

Oltrepo Pavese

Oltrepò Pavese is an area of the province of Pavia (approx 1100 km ²), located south of the Po River, wedged between the Emilia-Romagna (province of Piacenza) and Piedmont (province of...

Brescia and Surroundings

Brescia is located in the upper Po plain at the mouth of Valtrompia the foot of the mountain and hill Magdalene Cidneo. The area - bordered on the north by the foothills Bresciani Gardesana the...


The term "Franciacorta" is designated an area of the province of Brescia, which extends west of the city between the Mella and Oglio rivers that bordered on the east and west, taking in the...



at foot of Franciacorta Hills

 The town of Coccaglio is located in the...


dynamic beauty

 Who thinks of Milan think the Italian...

Oliveto Lario

stunning side of the lake


Palazzo Te

An artistic treasure

Milan Cathedral

Gothic in Italy

Mondadori Headquarter

Oscar Niemeyer Masterpiece

Is often thought that Italy should be only one...

Il Vinsanto

Tuscan Dessert Wine

The vin santo (or vinsanto) is a type of dessert...

The Buccellato

Ancient Lucchese Bread

The Buccellato is the most typical sweet and...


the typical product of the South of Italy

Caciocavallo is a typical cheese of the South of...

Statues of San Gregorio armeno

the typical product of the South of Italy

The characters of the crèche of the...

The Naepolitan mandolino

the typical product of the South of Italy

The origin of  this instrument is  the...

Montelupo Ceramics

the typical product of the South of Italy

The tradition of ceramics in Montelupo from the...
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