Modern villa with sea view near san Vito lo Capo
cozy villa near san vito lo capo with sea view
villa with stunning seaview in panarea
nice villa near palermo close to mondello beaches

Fishing in Sicily

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In barca a Vela alle Eolie

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Etna Volcano Railway

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Sicily Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and the largest of the Italian regions. Has the shape of a triangle, with vertices consisting Peloro east, west Lilibeo Cape, Cape Passero south. It overlooks three seas: the Tyrrhenian to the north, the Ionian Sea to the east, the Sea of Sicily in the south. The Strait of Messina, just 3 km wide, separates it from Calabria, while a stretch of sea 140 km, the Channel of Sicily, divided from Africa. They belong to the other islands of Sicily and small islands: the Aeolian and Ustica in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Egadi, off the western tip, the Pelagie, and Pantelleria in the Strait of Sicily.
Along the coast open some gulfs: the principal are those of Castellammare and Patti Palermo on the Tyrrhenian, the south coast of Gela, Catania and Augusta on the Ionian Sea.
The region is mostly hilly and mountainous, with few plains. Outweigh the contrasts of the landscape between the Tyrrhenian and Ionian coastal areas, rich in crops, and the inland areas, arid and sparsely populated.
The measurements are more in the north, near the Tyrrhenian coast are Peloritani, the Nebrodi and Madonie, forming a single chain, almost a continuation of the Apennines, beyond the sea. In the southeast of the island jutting Mounts Iblei, bass and limestone. The highest peak is Mount Etna in Sicily (3,323 m), the largest active volcano in Europe and one of the largest in the world, is located north of the plain of Catania, the largest in Sicily, made fertile by the volcanic deposits rich mineral and reclaimed in this century.
Other plains are fertile plain of Palermo, called the Conca d'oro because there are abundant citrus orchards, and low-lying areas around Trapani and Marsala, planted orchards and vineyards.
Sicilian rivers are short course and have torrential regime: almost dry during the dry summers, often in full during the winters. The main ones are the Simeto and Alcantara, which flow from the slopes of Etna to the Ionian Sea, and the salsa, and Platani Belice, which flow into the Sea of Sicily.
The climate is Mediterranean in Sicily, but varies from area to area. In summer the temperatures are high everywhere, with peaks inside and hot on the southern coast. The winter months are very mild along the coast, colder inland. Typically there is little rain, and precipitation are mainly concentrated in winter.

South Eastern Sicily

 With an area of 1614 square kilometers and a population of nearly 300,000 inhabitants, the province of Ragusa in Sicily and less extensive. It occupies the south-east of Sicily island...

Zingaro coast Sicily

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Egad Archipelago

Egad Islands (which, proceeding from east to west, are Favignana, Levanzo and marine life, which must be added to the islets of Formica and Maraone) are part of Sicily, the province of Trapani, and...



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